Campus fraternity members recommended for removal from office

Sept. 2, 2013

Taylor Eaton, Nicholas Beadleston
[email protected], [email protected]

Pi-Omicron, UCCS chapter of the national fraternity Kappa Sigma, is a fixture around campus. One of a handful of Greek Life organizations, its members can be spotted sporting fraternity apparel and attending university events.

Recently, however, the chapter has been faced with dissent among its ranks.

During the past semester, the chapter’s charter has increasingly filled with freshman members. According to chapter President Casey Chalifour, this led to “weird voting decisions.” Freshmen frequently voted in favor of parties instead of “socially responsible events,” said Chalifour.

The chapter’s executive committee, led by Chalifour, informed the chapter’s alumni advisor about making in-house changes to the chapter.

Pursuant to Kappa Sigma doctrine, a judicial committee convened to review the conduct and activities of the Pi-Omicron chapter. The committee was led by District Grand Master Emmet F. Bellville.

On Aug.15, members of the fraternity Kappa Sigma received an email regarding the judicial committee’s eleventh-hour findings.

Five members who held officer positions in Kappa Sigma were recommended by the review committee to be removed from office. The most common reason was “lack of communication” and “failure to uphold his oath in office.”

Nine other brothers were referenced in the document, though their specific offenses were not listed. This information is disclosed in individual charging forms, which are emailed to only the individual brothers.

According to Chalifour, the contents of these personal emails would only be made public in the event that the membership of the brothers in question was put to a chapter vote.

The Scribe obtained information regarding the judicial committee’s findings, including the original email, from a brother of the Pi-Omicron Chapter.

When asked about the email and its contents, fraternity Treasurer Jacob Allen gave contradicting answers. While initially discounting the email as a “falsified document,” Allen later stated that the document was “completely irrelevant.”

Allen also indicated the brother who supplied the information had been removed from the chapter.

Chalifour presented different commentary. During an interview, in addition to authenticating the email, he confirmed the chapter was looking to make changes and had contacted more senior members of their fraternity to do so. He also said the brother in question was still a member of the frat and was being punished for speaking with reporters.

Chalifour stated in a follow-up interview that Bellville has temporarily suspended any decision regarding punitive actions against Pi-Omicron.

According to Chalifour, the judicial committee will make further determinations after reviewing the fraternity’s progress at the end of the semester.

The Scribe’s Jesse Byrnes and Alexander Nedd contributed to this report.