Celebrity Gossip

Sept. 17, 2009

Erica Doudna

Victoria Beckham, or Posh Spice to those of us who grew up during the 90s, recently proved the power of the almighty Hollywood gossip mill. After Posh stiffed a waiter at a Medieval Times in SoCal, the incident was quickly reported to TMZ.com, where Posh was bashed for her stingy ways. The website reported the slight, and two days later the injustice was quieted with a nice gratuity. The whole incident only leaves one to wonder if either A) Posh is cheap, B) Posh just forgot to leave a tip, or C) Posh is so terrified that people will think she’s cheap that she’s willing to pay hush money to the service in the form of a fat tip. Either way, the waiter at Medieval Times must really like his job right about now.

Ellen DeGeneres obviously loves her new job as one of the judges for “American Idol,” especially considering she had to interview Simon Cowell to get in there. The displaced Paula Abdul is releasing statements instead of jumping for joy. Paula was quoted as having said, “Ellen DeGeneres is wildly funny and talented in her own right. I wish her and the show only the best of luck.” It’s interesting she chose the phrases “in her own right” and “only the best of luck;” the word choices of a woman scorned are always so tell-tale.

Speaking of tell-tale, MySpace personality and reality TV star Tila Tequila is telling a California D.A. the tale of being “choked and physically restrained” by San Diego Chargers footballer Shawne Merriman. Merriman seems to be telling a different tale, which involves a drunken Tequila being “encourage[d to stay until safe transportation could be provided.” Whether or not the D.A. will file charges is still undetermined, but either way, Merriman’s shot at love has ended.