Coloradans can push forward through harsh summer

Aug. 27, 2012

Samantha Morley
[email protected]

Our lovely state of Colorado has been put through one extremely hellish summer. From wildfires springing up and engulfing acres of luscious forest to the violence against casual moviegoers in Aurora, we have endured more than usual. Fortunately, we have received active support from President Barack Obama.

There have been some questions, however, concerning Obama’s most recent visit to Colorado Springs. Why didn’t he mention any of these tragic events in his speech at Colorado College?

Why didn’t he continue offering his sympathy? Where was his continual support? The answer to these questions is nothing to get upset about.

Obama spoke at CC for the sole purpose of rallying support for his second run as president. He was given a timeframe of only a few hours to build up as much support as possible.

Obama had already visited Colorado a few times this summer. Whether it was to console the victims of lost homes due to the Waldo Canyon Fire or to provide support to those wounded by the theater shooting in Aurora, he was there to help as much as he could.

I respect and appreciate him for taking such precious time to offer his kindness to the people of this country.

Obama has already addressed the issues Colorado has gone through. He arranged special visits for both the Waldo Canyon Fire and Aurora shooting.

We have received his heartfelt concern, but now it is time to push forward. That is what his campaign is all about: pushing forward to a new and better future.

During his speech at CC, Obama focused on how he plans to improve America. We should feel encouraged about what lies ahead.

Sure, Coloradans have been put through many hardships these last few months, but we can overcome such obstacles. We can push forward as a community.

He provided a shoulder to cry on during the horrible events. It is now time for us to rebuild and become stronger.

Moving forward will take time. But through that time, we will learn how to cope with tragedy and become stronger as a result.

Colorado Springs residents will pull together as much support as possible to assist those whose homes burnt down. The community of Aurora is also pulling together in the face of their tragedy.

Obama did his part as our president. Now it is our turn as a community to do the rest. We can push forward. I know it.