Compass Curriculum Courses are a Necessity

18 September 2018

Abby Jadali

[email protected]

    College is not only a place for students to continue their education for the specialized degree they want, but it is also a place for them to expand their knowledge into all different types of disciplines.

    That is where compass curriculum courses come into play.

    The compass curriculum degree requirements we have at UCCS are GPS, explore, navigate, inclusiveness, sustainability, summit and an intensive writing classes. All of these classes are designed to expand our knowledge into different areas since the majority of our schooling will be specific to our intended major.

    From personal experience, I am a firm believer that compass curriculum courses provide students with a lot of important tools for learning, thinking, life and that they should always continue to be a requirement.

    I am an English major, and the road to get here was bumpy and seems like it took forever, but I owe it to my compass curriculum courses for becoming an English major.

    If I didn’t take those classes I would not have been able to figure out the path in life that would make me enjoy the degree I am in.

    Many of you may think that classes for English, art, sociology, history, etc. are pointless and will not help you at all.

    But there is a purpose behind them: they help expand your intellect so you know more about life than just what degree you are studying.

    These classes are especially helpful for those individuals who do not yet declared a major.

    These classes give them the opportunity to shop around and figure out which courses appeal to them the most. Not only will they be completing degree requirements but they will also be able to take interesting classes that might help them decide their future career.

    According to General Education Requirements: What’s the Point, an article that was written for by Catherine Seraphin, core curriculum classes also help students become more competitive in the job market.

    I do understand that some people think that these classes are pointless. However, I believe that students disregard the important of stepping out of the focus of your major and the overall need for these classes. It is not a sick and twisted way for the college to take your money. It is a beautifully devised system for students to have fun and interesting classes while taking their harder and more specialized ones.

    Students should take advantage of their compass curriculum courses. They should want to take classes that broaden their expanse of knowledge, and allow them to think about things in a new and interesting way.

General Education Requirements: What’s the Point?