Consider other places than the library to study

January 30, 2018

Sarah Bubke

[email protected]

     Now that we’re a couple weeks into the semester, students are settling down into their new routines. Studying is getting more important.

     For some students, consistently studying and doing homework in the same place at the same time everyday might be part of their routine. But is it effective?

    According to a 2010 The New York Times article, the answer is no.

    Studying exclusively in one location is ineffective. Studies from the article show that solidifying different concepts in different places helps with memory retention.

      The brain makes connections between the external environment and the material being studied. Studying in different locations helps the brain sort this information.

     If a student is looking for an alternative location to study, there are several places on campus they can go to, from both the traditional to the unusual.

     The Kraemer Family Library is the traditional place to study on campus. It is an excellent location to work on assignments both individually and in a group.

     Library staff is willing to assist students looking for study materials. With two floors of materials, students can find the sources they need for their projects in one location.

     The Excel Centers offer a relaxing atmosphere with staff available to answer questions that come up as well. The centers are cozy and are great places to bond with other students overloaded with homework.

     The Student Life and Leadership office also offers students an area to study and escape from when there is activity going on in the background.

     Studying in the SLL office can be a step to being more active on campus involvement, since the Office of Student Activities is located there. This gives students the opportunity to meet new people and maybe join a club or two.

     Secret hideaways, like the fourth floor of Columbine, should be considered as well. Most students don’t usually go there, so it is quiet and the views of Pike’s Peak are breathtaking.

     The Academic Office Building is an uncommon place for students to study, but it is worth consideration. There are open areas to study on both the second and third floors.

     As a bonus, some professors have their offices in the building. If they are present, you can ask them questions. And, like the fourth floor on Columbine, the open work areas in the AOB boast impressive views of the mountains.

     If the weather is nice, get outdoors. Take advantage of the nature that our campus is known for and study outside. Nothing beats studying in the open air.

     So, when midterms and finals come around, remember to get out of the library every once and a while and find out what our campus has to offer.