Cosmic weather forecast: Winter Break

     So, you’ve made it through yet another semester (#holla), but just because classes and assignments are winding down doesn’t mean the planetary movements are. In fact, the universe is freighted with weighty astrological transits, the bulk of which take place during winter break. 

     Unfortunately, I won’t be around here to explain the nitty-gritty details about these transits. Oh, but before you start mourning a life without the wry and savvy guidance of the one and only Cosmic Cannibal, hear this: I’ve compiled a complete astro-preview horoscope guide for each and every planetary transit happening from now until the end of the year.  

     So, without further delay, I present your cosmic weather forecast for 2021 Winter Break.  

     Dec. 13 is a big day for Mars and Mercury, as both planets shift into new signs. First Mars, the planet of action, enters wild and crazy Sagittarius. With this transit comes a boost in energy levels, enthusiasm and excitability. Hiking and travel are big to-dos. Just a few hours later, Mercury enters hardheaded Capricorn. This transit promises to clear your head and increase your resourcefulness. (You can read more about the Mars and Mercury transits here.) 

     The Gemini Full Moon on Dec. 18 is our last full moon of 2021, and it promises to be a big one. Mostly because Jupiter, the planet of expansion, is in close harmony with the moon. Optimism and thoughts about the future will swell, and so will your feelings. Venus and Pluto are also in close alignment, so your love relationships or spending habits might see a profound transformation.  

     Dec. 19 is another double whammy transit day: Venus turns retrograde in Capricorn and the asteroid Chiron turns direct in Aries.  

     With Venus retrograde, it’s a good time to reevaluate your relationships and determine what (or who) isn’t serving you. This transit also benefits creative projects — just don’t start anything new or you might never finish it! 

     The asteroid Chiron represents our core wounds and how to heal them. Chiron retrograde has likely brought to the surface some super sensitive issues about our selfhood and identity. With the asteroid direct in Aries, we can fearlessly charge headfirst into a new cycle of self-development and remove whatever is stifling our individuality.    

     Starting Dec. 21, we wave goodbye to the spontaneity of Sagittarius season and welcome in the industry of Capricorn. This also marks the first day of winter in North America, so our days are about to get shorter. 

     But Christmas Eve may be tenser than usual. Astro-titans Saturn and Uranus are butting heads for the third and final time of 2021. Saturn’s love of structure is agitated by Uranus’ need for freedom, and this tug-of-war of desires could manifest some major tension in your life (especially if you’re a fixed sign).  

     But there’s hope on the horizon.  

     Just days before the end of 2021, on Dec. 28, Jupiter enters imaginative water sign Pisces. The planet of luck and abundance entered Pisces back in May (click here for your Jupiter in Pisces horoscope) before moving back into Aquarius, but he’s finally ready to stay in the water sign. In Pisces, Jupiter helps us tap into our dreamier, more compassionate sides while also heightening our psychic abilities and deepening our interest in religion and travel. What a way to start 2022!  

     (BTW, if you want to hear more about these transits and the transits in January, be sure to check out the subScribe podcast.) 

     So there you have it, your cosmic weather forecast for winter break. See you in January!