CPR classes are offered at UCCS

Kristen Brainard 

[email protected] 

     In a split-second situation, being CPR and First Aid certified can save someone’s life. UCCS is making it easier for students to gain these certifications by offering CPR and First Aid courses right here on campus.  

     UCCS Campus Recreation hosts CPR and First Aid certification classes for students, faculty and staff. According to Krista Herring, campus recreation program coordinator, these classes take place in the recreation and wellness center on campus.   

     “The rec center will be offering American Red Cross Adult & Pediatric CPR/AED as well as First Aid,” Herring wrote via email.  

     Herring detailed the two options available for the program. The first option is an in-person class and the second is a blended learning course.  

     “In the blended course participants will complete an online portion. The online portion content is the same as the in-person material, with lectures, videos and practice activities. The other portion of the blended learning is a one-hour skill check session that gives participants the ability to practice on a mannequin and show their skills to the course teachers,” Herring said.      

     At the end of both the traditional and the blended courses, participants will take a multiple-choice test. A score of 80% or higher is required to receive certification.  

     Herring also mentioned that the basic life support course and a CPR for professional rescue course will be available during the spring semester as well.  

     Herring encourages all students to get CPR/First Aid certified. She said, “You never know when the skill learned in these courses may be used. A friend may be choking at a restaurant and the skills learned in this course could help you clear their airway.  

     “We hope that course participants are never put in a situation that these skills are needed, but they will certainly be more equipped with the knowledge and skills to assist another person when they need it most.” 

     The skills gained from these courses could provide vital care to someone in danger. In addition, many jobs and professional environments require their employees to have a basic knowledge of CPR skills. 

     These two CPR/First Aid course options are provided multiple days a week throughout this semester. The dates and registration for both course options can be found on the campus recreation website.  

     Both courses cost $55 for students, $65 for the UCCS community and $75 for the general public. 

The CPR props used during training in the mountain lion office at the rec center. Photo by Megan Moen.