Derrick White considers leaving UCCS for CU-Boulder

April 13, 2015

Jonathan Toman
[email protected]

The best player in men’s basketball history is considering leaving to play at CU-Boulder.

Junior guard Derrick White, the team’s all-time leading scorer, asked for permission to speak to CU-Boulder from head coach Jeff Culver on April 6.

The move comes before White’s senior year, and after rumors about a switch to Division I had followed him. Culver said White had previously been “adamant” in his decision to stay at UCCS.

“We thought it was behind us, thought he would want to finish here,” Culver said.

White responded to an email request for an interview, saying he wants to wait to interview until after a decision is formally made.

“I’m not going to do any interviews till everything is official.”

Culver explained that if White were to decide to stay at UCCS, there would need to be dialogue.

“Let’s put it this way, I would be surprised and there would have to be many discussions,” said Culver.

If, as Culver expects, White transfers to Boulder: “We’re in the weight room tomorrow and everyone’s trying to get better like they would anyways.”

“We move forward.”

On April 8, CU-Boulder announced that sophomore guard Jaron Hopkins would transfer. The Buffs finished 16- 18 in the 2014-15 season.

Culver said that for the time being, White remains on the roster.

But, “he would not have asked for [permission] had he not felt good about the receiving end.”

Culver said that most of the time, transfers go from Division I to somewhere they can play more, either at a lower Division I school or Division II. White’s move would be more unique, said Culver.

“It’s more of a rare case, to still seek that transfer.”

Culver said that despite the move, his team will not be affected.

“Derrick was not going to play here forever, we’ve been planning for life after Derrick,” he said. “We will look different, but we still feel we are capable of achieving our team goals.”

“We have to be prepared to lose a guy or two.”

The process could linger into summer, because there are less NCAA guidelines when it comes to transfers.

“All parties involved would like finality as soon as possible,” Culver said.

White earned three All-America honors this season as he helped the Mountain Lions to the best season in school history and the second round of the NCAA Tournament.