Dining Services reveals coffee shop changes in grand reopening ceremony 

On April 3, Dining Services revealed the newly rebranded Big Cat Coffee through a grand opening event in the University Center.  

Chancellor Venkat Reddy and Loyal Coffee co-owner Bevan Cammell both shared a few words before pulling a curtain down to reveal the new name plate. 

Chancellor Reddy noted that the UCCS community had the opportunity to rename Sanitorium Grounds through a naming contest, in which students submitted 354 submissions.   

Reddy said the campus has been trying to involve students and the greater UCCS community in events like this, citing the naming of Clyde Way as an example. 

“It takes a lot of people to change a name,” Reddy said. “Thank you to all those who participated.” 

The students that won the competition with the name “Big Cat Coffee” were awarded $250 for their creativity. 

Cammell then stepped up to express his excitement about the new partnership with UCCS. 

“When we started Loyal, we were a small group of baristas all living locally here, and our goal was to create a positive impact,” Cammell said. “That positive impact we felt looked like creating a community space that was safe [and would] show people what a true, generous and kind humanity looked like.” 

Loyal Coffee is excited to continue working toward their goals of connecting with more organizations and creating a healthy community space within UCCS. 

Loyal Coffee is now available at Big Cat Coffee, along with a new loyalty program and UCCS merchandise.  

Students can visit one of the several Big Cat Coffee locations on campus or go to Dining Service’s website for more information. 

Photo from communique.uccs.edu.