Discount prices offered in town, online with student ID

February 07, 2017

Mara Green

[email protected]

     Students sometimes find themselves saving every penny just to buy a hot pocket to get through the day or a nice outfit for their communication presentation.

     But you don’t have to scramble for spare change if you’re looking for a good meal or shirt with discounts at your favorite franchises around the city.

     Each restaurant and store may have rules for student discounts, so if you’re interested, always make sure to ask and display your valid student ID.

Food discounts

     Buffalo Wild Wings can offer up to a 10 percent discount on your entire meal if you mention that you’re a student before handing over cash for the bill. Chipotle and Chick-Fil-A also offer a free drink with your order.

     Are nearby commuters craving a quick coffee before class? Participating Dunkin Donuts give 10 percent discounts. Be sure to have your student ID handy at all of the above places.

     Certain Subway locations offer 10 percent discounts on 6-inch and foot-long subs. These typically include a sandwich or other meal offerings. Options like these make for a quick lunch between classes.

     Groupon offers deals with Dairy Queen for new sales every month. These range from Blizzards to other frozen treats.

Shopping discounts

     Sam’s Club offers a student membership for $40 with a $15 gift card. With this deal, you can purchase food, clothing and new furniture for your apartment or dorm room.

     For those who are looking for a quick shopping trip, the Chapel Hills Mall and the Shops at Briargate offer their own range of student discounts. If you’re looking for gifts or to buy yourself something nice, you’ll find a few stores offering a deal for students.

     Banana Republic, J.Crew and H&M offer discounts depending on the location. Banana Republic, H&M and J.Crew will offer 15 percent off full-priced purchases in store. Goodwill, on the other hand, can give you a 10 percent student discount.

     The Limited offers a 15 percent discount, while Toms and Urban Outfitters offer 10 percent off your total order. Urban Outfitters has a student program that is offered via UniDays. You can find monthly saving options there.

Miscellaneous discounts

     If you don’t want to leave the comfort of your dorm room, there are also online options to makeup for gas prices.

     Amazon offers two services for students: Amazon Student and Amazon Prime. Prime costs $99 a year, while Amazon Student costs an affordable $49 a year.

     Free two-day shipping, free Kindle books and unlimited streaming of a wide selection of TV shows are included in the deal.

     The free two-day shipping offers some wiggle room with textbooks, and the Kindle option allows for students to alternate from a paperback book to a tablet.

     If you are anxious to take your date to a movie in theaters, the Carmike at Chapel Hills has Military or Student discount with a display of your ID. These discounts only apply after 6 pm as they have matinee prices before 5 p.m. and bargain prices between 4-5:30 p.m.