Division of DEI releases resource page for Latinx Heritage Month 

UCCS’ Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) released a resource page for Latinx Heritage Month on Sept. 5.  

The page includes links to lists of various forms of Latinx media like films, music and podcasts. There are also lists available with information on how to support Latinx-owned businesses and organizations.  

Latinx Heritage Month begins on Sept. 15 and will last until Oct. 15.  

Sloan Gonzalez, who is the director of DEI education and outreach, said that the Division of DEI also plans to release resource pages for nine other months and holidays that are celebrated on campus: 

  • Disability Awareness Month 
  • LGBTQ+ History Month 
  • Native and Indigenous Peoples Month 
  • Black History Month 
  • Women’s History Month 
  • Arab-American Heritage Month 
  • Asian/Pacific Islander Heritage Month 
  • Juneteenth 
  • Martin Luther King Day 

The resource pages will remain available on the DEI website after they are posted. 

Gonzalez thinks that these resource pages will provide an accessible starting point for students to support different heritage and identity-centric months. 

“I want our campus to feel like they have so many resources to learn if they want to learn,” Gonzalez said. 

The resources pages are also buildable. Anyone who would like to add to the pages can email their contributions to [email protected].  

Students can learn more about the various heritage and identity-centric months through the DEI website.

The DEI launched new resource pages to provide information for various underrepresented groups. Photo by Meghan Germain.