English class publishes 43rd edition of riverrun

May 10, 2016

Eleanor Sturt
[email protected]

Not only is riverrun the name of a large castle located in the fictional region of the Riverlands in “Game of Thrones,” it is also the eye-catching title of the student literary and arts journal published at UCCS every year.

The student journal is also titled after the first word in the novel “Finnegan’s Wake,” by Irish novelist and poet James Joyce.

This year marks the 43rd edition of riverrun, but the process was different this time. Associate English professor Alex Ilyasova said this is the first year the journal was assembled by a class instead of volunteers.

“It is a good representation of the quality of the work that UCCS has produced in the last 40 years,” said Ilyasova.

Riverrun’s literary editor and English major, Celina Fumo, took the class.

Fumo said the class was an opportunity to learn what can be used in her career later in life.

“We can put this on our resume as work experience rather than just a class, so that’s going to be really helpful when I go in during job interviews,” said Fumo.

Fumo helped handle the budget, kept everyone on track during the semester and made sure everything was prepared for the reception of the journal, which took place on May 6.

Fumo explained that the class was primarily English majors, but she hopes that students from all majors will take the class in the future.

“Give it a try and see where you can go. Even if you are in a science field, you can do publishing work,” said Fumo.

“Riverrun” is important to UCCS because it is representative of the students, according to both Fumo and

“We are really creative here at UCCS and I want people to see that,” said Fumo.

If students would like to pick up a copy of the journal they can stop by the English department or read a copy archived in the library.