Enjoy the environment of Kairos, a stress-free coffee experience 

4 out of 5 stars 

Kairos Coffee House is a comforting caffeine purveyor offering wonderful coffee drinks and cafe foods at a decent price, conveniently close to campus. This shop could be a hotspot for studying and spontaneous adventures, as well as a comfortable place to unwind.  

Somewhat hidden behind the Colorado Springs Building & Housing Association and Taco Bell on Garden of the Gods Road, Kairos welcomes customers with a grand parking lot and its cozy vintage decorative style. Outside seating and indoor seating are accommodated for any season.  

In my three total trips to Kairos, the most noticeable part of the experience is the staff’s personability. If they are busy, they communicate well with each other and the customer. If you are rude, they’ll be kind.  

This friendly culture is the foundation of the environment, attracting a creative and thoughtful clientele. I observed one man drawing and enjoying his drip coffee, sharing his art with an employee who happily complimented him. Another woman worked on her second frappe and her midterms at once, the low rumble of the cafe’s patrons helping her focus.  

From the dust on the windowsill to the warmth of the fireplace, the lower lounge is the perfect location for a stress-free quiz. Near the barista’s counter, the line system is clear and efficient, allowing for the staff to complete orders and send them along as quickly as possible.  

I tried the Chaiya Laboef (a hilarious take on a chai latte), the chocolate peanut butter frappe and the grilled cheese, which all matched the customer service in quality.  

The seasonal menu showcases the creativity of the management, employees and owners. The drinks change each month, and often represent holidays of the month. They have other specials such as the Caramelicious, which tastes exactly like it sounds.   

Overall, Kairos is the sort of place where time seems to stop, and where you can comfortably put your phone down and connect with loved ones. Kairos is a lovely location to study for assignments or enjoy with your friends.  

Kairos Coffee House is located a few minutes west of main campus. Photo by Lillian Davis.