Exclusively online Scribe isn’t practical

Feb. 25, 2013

Justin Gibson

Dear Scribe,

Transferring to an exclusively online format may be the worst thing you could do in my opinion.

I appreciated the tangible newspaper that I could grab on my way to class and read during breaks. I can tell you that I have zero interest in going out of my way to stop, open my QRC app, scan it and then try to navigate a site that doesn’t attract me in the slightest.

Even though I do care about campus news, one thing I won’t do is read news online – and I can almost guarantee that I am not alone.

Thanks for ruining my news reading experience. I really appreciate it.

Deeply saddened,

Justin Gibson


As mentioned in our Feb. 4 issue, The Scribe has incorporated at least one online-only issue every month in order to reduce printing costs. While this is not ideal, it represents a general news shift to online-only formats.

With our news app expected to be released soon in the Apple Store, students, staff and faculty will be able to have a more enjoyable and convenient way to stay updated on the latest news affecting the university.

Thanks for your continued support as we continue to develop and implement a comprehensive publishing strategy moving forward.

The Scribe Staff