Farewell to graduating Scribe members, we’ll miss you

7 May 2019

Scribe editors

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The Scribe, as a student led organization, has to deal with a constant revolving door of employees. This year, the Scribe will be saying goodbye to four staff members: Logan Davel, Beckie Munoz, Eric Friedberg and Edna Newey.

Logan is a chemistry major and the photo editor for the Scribe. He started as a photographer, and now he is leading them. Without him, we would not have a single picture in the paper.

After graduation, Logan plans to take a gap year before starting a doctoral program in Chemistry or Biochemistry.

He hopes to apply his education to a career in research and higher education teaching, because despite his constant whining about freshman he really appreciates the environment of higher education.

Beckie is a sport management major and the business manager for the Scribe. Thanks to her, we did not spend all of our money on candy and Halloween decorations.

Beckie will be continuing her education in the SAHE masters program at UCCS.

Without her mothering of the staff, the university will likely catch fire in the near future.

Eric is a communication major and a reporter and columnist for the Scribe. Eric’s reliability, especially when it comes to having a fresh take on music, earned him a dedicated corner of the paper.

His passion for music is unmatched, and Eric has driven such an amazing passion within our staff for finding avenues for invention and discovery.

Plus his alter ego, Kyle, is such a destructive force that only Thanos out- paces his ability.

Edna is a history major and a reporter for the Scribe. Her darkly effervescent personality has a charm that few could match on their best days, and hers rises to the top on her worst.

Edna hopes to attend Denver University and get her masters degree after graduation.

Edna’s best feature, next to her ability to lecture on any subject on command, is her cat backpack. She, and her adorable cat, will be sorely missed.

The Scribe will miss you all. Wherever you go, whoever you become, you will not fail. We will be watching.