Finals are rough, prepare so they are easier

Take it from Gandalf and us that there are ways to get through finals without too much pain.
Megan Lunsford | The Scribe
Nov. 23-Dec. 6, 2015

Scribe Staff
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• Crushing headaches.
• Delayed reaction time.
• Increased sense of cynicism.
• Frazzled hair.
• Loss of sleep.
• Caffeine abuse.

We all know the symptoms of finals. For those of us who have been through the ringer of finals a few times, we have become numb, used to these scenes all around us. For those of us that are new to college, it may be an interesting experience.

Finals are important, no doubt. But they should not result in a complete loss of courtesy and hygiene, as often happens. Here’s how to get through them with your mind intact:

Prepare. Start early on your studying, and manage your time wisely. Spending six or seven consecutive hours studying is going to make you crazy. Take small breaks, but time yourself so you don’t end up hours later still perusing Facebook.

Study. Crack open that book you haven’t touched since the semester started and look over the key points on the study guide. Don’t try to read the whole book in a short time span; it’s not possible and it’ll freak you out even more.

Additionally, be sure to read over your notes and, if possible, form study groups with your classmates. It’ll help you a lot in that chemistry final.

Studies show that chewing gum while studying and then chewing that same flavor while taking the exam gets blood flowing to the head and improves memory.

Don’t sacrifice sleep in order to study. Getting a good amount of sleep is just as important for your brainwaves as eating healthy.

Michael Howell, assistant professor with the Department of Neurology at the University of Minnesota, said that napping between studying lets you recharge and increases your chance of remembering.

And the less sleep you get, the more likely it is that you’ll get sick, which might mean missing that important final.

Take walks. Howell said that exercise reduces stress and can help lead to a higher GPA. Plus, the biting cold might reinvigorate your senses. Be sure to bundle up.

Eat healthy. Eat breakfast the day of your final. It really does help. You won’t get distracted by a growling stomach when you’re trying to answer that really hard question.

It’s OK to cry when you’re struggling with the material. Once you wipe those tears, get back to the studying and don’t give up until you feel you have a sense of what you’re supposed to be learning.

Reward yourself when you get things done. You just spent half the day studying for finals. Be proud and treat yourself with a small snack. Then take a break from studying for the rest of the night.

Take these suggestions into account, and make your own finals style. That way, you can feel equipped to not only be successful, but also keep your health along the way.