Flu shots offered at Student Health Center, Lane Center

Oct. 12, 2015

Evan Musick
[email protected]

Armed with an ample supply of flu vaccines, the Student Health Center stands ready to combat the influenza season.

With October the official start of flu season, the Student Health Center and Lane Center are offering influenza vaccines.

“Flu season is October through May, typically. So obviously, we’ve already started giving them, but we’ll keep giving them until flu season ends,” said Vicki Schober, medical director.

Currently Schober said the demand is about average compared to other years. They have 300 vaccines on hand and will order more as needed.

Schober added that it takes about two weeks for a person’s body to build up immunity after receiving the flu shot.

Flu shots for non-insured students or those who have non-UCCS insurance are $20. For students that are covered by UCCS student health insurance, nothing comes out of pocket.

“Student’s that have that (student) health insurance, it’s 100 percent covered, they don’t need to pay anything,” she said.

The Student Health Center only treats and offers vaccines to student patients. The Lane Center is also offering flu vaccines, and is open to the general public along with students, faculty and staff.

Students interested in receiving a flu vaccine should visit the Student Health Center, located under the parking garage, down the hall from public safety.