Flu shots useless in the long run

Feb. 4, 2013

Samantha Morley, Alex Gradisher
[email protected], [email protected]

Flu shots are absolutely pointless. Every year, consumers are fed the same nonsense about how necessary it is to get the flu shot, especially for children and seniors.

The main advertised reasoning is that seasonal influenza mutates every year, therefore encouraging people to protect themselves against the newest threat.

But do we really need to go through with the annoying stabs in the arm? No, we don’t.

Influenza was a major problem for Russian and European societies in 1580. Over 8,000 people died in Rome alone. Scary, right?

However, we must now consider that the society we currently live in is much more conscious of our hygiene than ever before. We don’t rummage around in soiled streets, where rats can carry diseases all over the country.

Instead, we live in a time where we have a very structured way of keeping ourselves clean and healthy. And yet, about 36 percent of people continually receive the flu shot (or nasal spray) every year.

Ironically enough, despite having gotten the flu vaccine, citizens of Boston have experienced more than 700 confirmed cases of flu with 18 deaths. All but eight states have reported widespread cases of the flu at the end of 2012.

Why is this happening even though people went through the effort of “protecting” their bodies against the disease?

It comes down to this: In order to protect yourself from the flu, your immune system must build protection against it.

In order for that to occur, the flu virus must be introduced to the immune system. This is accomplished via flu shot and nasal sprays.

A short-list of ingredients, as per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, consists of preservatives (such as thimerosal, which is mercury), aluminum salts, sugars, gelatin, egg protein, formaldehyde and penicillin.

The ingredients don’t appear very threatening. However, consider that egg protein’s purpose is to allow the cultivation of the virus and bacteria for the immune system to battle.

Also consider that your body is being fed mercury and formaldehyde. Thimerosal is believed by some to contribute to cases of autism in children. Formaldehyde is routinely used to preserve bodies, like those you dissected in high school biology class.

And that’s just a basic list of ingredients. Each pharmaceutical company creates their own concoction of chemicals every year.

If administered in improper doses, a person’s brain, central nervous system, skeletal, cellular and endocrine systems could all suffer negative long-term effects.

The basic rule to learn here is that you absolutely must do research about vaccines before going through with the flu shot or nasal spray.

I have never received the flu shot and haven’t had the flu. I’m leaving it up to my immune system to conquer the virus.

We must learn that, as a society, we are not permitting our bodies the ability to fight infections. We’re forcing our immune systems to become dependent on whatever chemicals are shot into our arms.

To produce a healthier future, we must understand that a vaccine may be useful only for so long. In the long run, vaccines may increase the infectiousness of the bacteria or virus, thus producing greater healthcare problems in the future.