Food Next Door moves from Café 65 to Roaring Fork

November 7, 2017

Lindsey O’Reilly

[email protected]

    Food Next Door is moving to a new location for the remainder of the fall 2017 semester.

    Healthy food alternatives from Food Next Door will now be offered on Tuesdays from 5 – 7 p.m. in the Roaring Fork Dining Hall at the Global Station, according to health sciences associate professor, Nanna Meyer, who oversees Food Next Door’s operations.

    “We really want the students to experience this food and learn about the farm,” said Meyer.

    The organization’s move was prompted by the realization that they were not reaching freshmen, according to graduate student Laura Asbury, who works with Food Next Door.

    “We noticed a decline in sales. We also wanted the program to be more interactive, and we knew we’d get more at Roaring Fork.” said Asbury.

   It is unknown whether Food Next Door will be returning to Café 65. Meyer said that they may serve at Café 65 for future events.

    The move will not change the prices of the menu items. Take-out meals will be served at Food Next Door before the move.

    Food Next Door is a student-run organization that promotes locally grown, healthy food and agriculture. The organization’s menu consists of vegetarian options, including two main meals that balance out protein with grains and beans in the form of a SWELL meal or a Protein Flip Burger.

    “The focus of Food Next Door is a healthy body and a healthy planet,” said Meyer.

    The program is composed of Graduate students studying sport nutrition. They are known as the SWELL students, which are supported and funded by UCCS Dining and Hospitality services. The program has a group of volunteers that prepare the meals every Monday.

    “Food Next Door is completely student-run. They plan the menu, they are in charge of harvesting, and then they do all of the cooking and preparation,” said Meyer.

    The Food Next Door student employees will be moving with the organization as well. Some will be serving the food, and others will be at the education table to explain more about the program and the foods they serve.

    Food Next Door hopes to encourage more interactive opportunities for students to volunteer in programs such as the Flying Carrot and the kitchen of Food Next Door.    

    Food Next Door will stay at Roaring Fork for the rest of the semester. Starting in the spring, they will alternate between Roaring Fork and The Lodge on a weekly basis.

    To learn more about Food Next Door and similar programs, you can visit their online page at