Four Diamonds area sees revamped parking as Ent Center construction continues

Sept. 7, 2015

Kyle Guthrie
[email protected]

With the completion of the renovated Four Diamonds parking lot as the Ent Center for the Arts continues construction, UCCS has created new sets of parking to help accommodate the commuter students.

The newly finished Four Diamonds lot created an additional 150 spots for student parking.

“We still have some landscaping to do in between the rows (on the lot), but it has nothing to do with parking,” said Jim Spice, executive director of Parking and Transportation Services. “The lot itself is complete.”

Spice also discussed the status and use of parking lot 580, commonly referred to as the “overflow lot.”

“I wouldn’t really consider it overflow, it’s just free parking,” Spice said.

“We actually ended up getting a net gain of available parking lot spaces around the two areas, around 150, which is about a 35 percent increase from last year.”

Spice added that a second lot is planned for the area near the Ent Center for the Arts.

“There is another lot planned for down there, but it hasn’t been built yet,” Spice said. “It is lot 176, which is a future lot, and will be right next to the center for the arts.”

“It’s about 30 spaces, most of which will be for handicapped parking, and when it’s finished, it will need an orange permit to park there.”