Front Range offers entertaining opportunities for spring fun

April 6, 2015

Alexander Nedd
[email protected]

Spring is here and with it are a variety of fun activities to elevate your mood and give yourself a break from end-of-semester pressure. Check out these close destinations that are sure to cheer you up.

Garden of the Gods: Beautiful, historic and free. It’s a popular destination that is unofficially regarded as the eighth World Wonder by both Colorado natives and tourists. A five minute drive from UCCS, the park features a number of trails, landscapes and an escape from the life of a college student.

Have a picnic: Get outdoors and bask in the sun. A few friends and a well-developed meal can make this idea a true memory for all. Start by selecting a meal that is easy to prepare, such as sandwiches or mixed fruit.

Split the load with your friends as you hike to a predetermined spot. Enjoy the company while feasting. It’s as simple as pie, and be sure to bring that, too.

Go to a drive-in movie: Although none are located in Colorado Springs, Denver and Pueblo offer traditional drive-in movie style seating. Some even offer a double feature, that’s two new movies for the price of one.

The Mesa Drive-In Movie Theater (2625 Santa Fe Dr.) in Pueblo is open seven days a week with movies beginning at dusk, offers three screens to view the action and is regularly a double feature.

Denver is set to open a new drive-in theater over Memorial Day weekend, May 25, and will feature one screen 20 feet above the ground and should accommodate about 400 cars.

Mini Golf: For those on a budget, Colorado Springs offers a number of mini golf attractions for a steal, many with games at only $2. The more people, the more fun the trip. Keep within your budget while enjoying Colorado’s great outdoors and perfecting your putting stroke.

Laser Tag: Like mini golf, there are several laser tag options in the Colorado Springs area. Battlefield (120 W. Costilla St.) allows for events between you and another team across an outdoor stadium complete with a “Hunger Games” vibe.

Hike The Bluff: A whole new world awaits those that have never bothered to look behind UCCS. Five minutes from any location on campus, The Bluff offers a unique hike and vantage point without having to go far.

Old buildings and hiking trails mark the top of the campus and are a quick trip to get away from one’s afternoon class stress.

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