Garb to grab: A look at what’s ‘in’ for guys

Oct. 26, 2015

Davy Mellado
[email protected]

Fashion trends for men, while not discussed as much as women’s fashion, ebb in-and-out like they do for women.

Here’s an update on the sickest garb to grab this fall without breaking the bank.


A good pair of denim can be the difference between a chill day or a horrid constant readjusting day that nobody likes.

This year, Levi’s unveiled the “541 Athletic Cut” specifically for the guys out there with some more mass in the bum and thighs. This cut also features a straight cut in the calf area, avoiding out-of-date baggy leg fl aring.

Before you pick up a pair for any cut, make sure to look at the material percentages on the tag. Look for one to two percent elastane. This will make them slightly stretchy, making them your favorite and most worn pair from day one.

As it gets colder, you’re going to be grabbing that jacket more often. Jackets can be expensive, but a quality jacket is for life.

Alpha Industries makes an affordable classic bomber jacket that was used by the Navy and Air Force in the 50s.

This fall, AI refreshed their classic piece with the MA-1 Slim Fit. They come in different colors, and the black one has kickin’ golden zippers.

Graphic tees have been out a long time, and for pretty good reasons. But the current man can’t go wrong with solid off-color tees.

Try to find one more muted that runs past your waist. The longer/loose/refined look can be achieved by shopping for tees designated as “tall fit.”

You’ll get a respectable length without looking like you’re swimming in cotton.

As always, the original creator of the sweatshirt (Champion) still provides ultimate comfort and simplicity.

Bump that bulky over-designed Under Armour hoodie and stick with the classic.

Champion also came out with a refresh of their original, greatly reducing vertical shrinkage over time: the Champion Life Reverse Weave.


Yes men, we do wear accessories.

In case you haven’t heard, Converse unveiled its first redesign of the classic Chuck in almost a century.

The Chuck II is a dope mash of comfort, durability and pure style.

Chucks are made to be lived in. I have the white canvas Chucks with black laces.

With all this smart watch technology filling up our already heavily digitalized world, the smarter move might be to stick with the bare necessities.

The Instrmnt 01 watch is the product of a Scotland-based design company that “create(s) minimalist, high quality goods that are accessible to all,” according to their website.

This watch is refreshingly analog and shows the date and time. That’s all, folks.

They do run pretty high, but like jackets, a quality watch is for life.

If you’re still shuffling around campus with your backpack from high school, it might be time for a classy upgrade.

Luckily, our very own Colorado-based company, TOPO, makes some of the best bags around. They are made of intensely durable canvas and are secretly water resistant (known from experience).

The Daypack, Klettersack 15L, or the Mountain Briefcase are all excellent options for the rugged academics.

Fall is here, and so are opportunities to feel good about your threads. So venture forth and try something new. You might even get a compliment or two.