GOCA exhibit to feature artwork of graduating students

April 15, 2013

Alexander Nedd
[email protected]

As the spring semester draws to a close, students look to showcase their top artwork at the Galleries of Contemporary Art’s annual senior art show.

The exhibit, running April 19, will feature some of the best work UCCS art majors have created during their careers at the school, with a piece from every senior on display.

“I think it gives insight to the school,” said Elizabeth Raitz, a PR representative. “It’s a [collaborative] art show and an accumulation of our schooling. Our peers voted in every piece.”

A committee of seniors votes on each piece displayed in the show.

Patrick Bohnen, one of the featured artists and a full-time curator in Manitou, is a sculptor. His display includes five welded steel sculptures painted with a powdered blue finish.

Bohnen welds the steel together before following a process that allows him to work with unique powdered coating on the boxes.

“My work has always been about revelation,” he said. Originally, Bohnen only had one box to display, but through an LAS Research Grant he won, Bohnen was able to use the money to add additional pieces to his collection.

Bohnen’s project took approximately 200 hours to complete, with each of his five welding boxes requiring 30-40 hours of preparation.

Josh Mills, another student whose work will be on display, said his work focuses on comics.

“My work deals with the relationship [that] culture has with comic books,” Mills said. His most recent work, “Creating Comic,” took 75 hours to complete. “This work explores communication, the pitfalls of it, and the making of a comic book,” he said.

“I have learned so much at UCCS that words cannot describe,” Mills added, saying that he plans to make an art studio this year or next.

“I am most excited in showing my latest work,” Mills said about the art show. “I feel this work encompasses what I have learned at UCCS and, depending on how it is received, I hope to further my exploration of works similar to it.”

Mills wants to focus on getting his work in galleries and other art shows after graduation. “I see my work as both a reflection of myself and my interpretation of culture.

“It’s nice to celebrate art,” Bohnen said. “I look forward to all the VAPA awards.”

During the night, awards will be given to students in appreciation of their hard work. Awards range from recognition to seniors’ pieces being displayed around UCCS for one year.

The art show will feature many pieces from all seniors. “I think it’s important for students to gather,” said Raitz. “It’s a great example of what’s going on right here at UCCS.”