Greek Week features football, charity, singing

April 27, 2015

Rachel Librach
[email protected]

April 19: PHIred UP

Reilly Flood | The Scribe
Reilly Flood | The Scribe

Greek Week began with a Powder Puff game on the Alpine Garage turf. Despite the 46 degree weather conditions, the sorority teams were pumped and fighting on the field.

April 20: Dress to Pin

Greek students participated by dressing formally for the day. Each group has special pins to wear that are only appropriate while wearing formal clothing. The day was intended for members to show support for their sororities or fraternities by dressing up and wearing their pins.

April 21: Pay It Forward
Greek Societies supported Relay for Life by asking for donations at booths at Dwire, Centennial, the West Lawn and outside the library. In total, the event raised $355.62.

April 22: Greek Trivia
Four teams went head to head in a series of trivia games. The first category was UCCS Greek chapter trivia, the second was national fraternity and sorority life, the third was U.S. trivia, the fourth UCCS trivia and finally pop culture.

Nooh Alrashid | The Scribe
Nooh Alrashid | The Scribe


April 23: Pitch Perfect Greek Idol
The Greeks were divided into four teams and had to perform the best lip sync to win. The category of song was randomly selected by spinning a song wheel. A panel of faculty members and students from Student Life and Leadership judged the participants.

April 24: Greek Awards
All participants and winners of events were recognized and congratulated for their hard work and perseverance.