Green Action Fund project review, implementation continues

May 4, 2015

Rachel Librach
[email protected]

From the water bottle refill stations, to the compostable cutlery, serving plates and coffee cups, the Green Action Fund has worked to make this campus greener and cleaner.

“[GAF’s] main objective is to reduce the ecological footprint of UCCS and promote sustainable environmental, social and economic values through a variety of student-sponsored projects,” Vanessa Ferona, project coordinator, wrote in an email.

Projects this year included self-powered treadmills, more hydration stations and solar tables.

Ferona explained that GAF is developing more efficient methods to connect with students, including a new website and a portal in mountain Lion Connect.

“Our goal is to simplify the application process and allow easy access of forms and vital information to all UCCS students, faculty, and staff,” she wrote.

“We are working hard to establish our roots on campus.The ultimate goal of the Green Action Fund is to support projects that make UCCS a more sustainable place to explore, live and thrive.”

Throughout May, the Green Action Fund will be reviewing proposals for projects involving Take Back the Tap, installing solar panel for the Sustainability House, encouraging carpooling and modifying lighting in buildings for efficiency.