Gubernatorial Debate media panel questions

Oct. 20, 2014

Colorado Springs Independent General Manager Carrie Simison, to both candidates: “Denver has had a thriving arts and cultural community and that’s why we credit it with not only increasing the region’s economic vitality but also its citizen’s quality of life as well as the region’s tourism income. When you become our next governor, what are three specific initiatives you’ll spearhead to support arts and cultural initiatives and/ or organizations in Southern Colorado?

Hickenlooper responded with a focus towards downtown Colorado Springs and how it is already developing into a thriving arts and culture community. “Downtown is already right at that tipping point, it’s right very close where it needs to be,” he said. His goals are to provide funding and increased awareness for live music venues and art exhibits.

Beauprez: “First and foremost we need someone that loves Colorado and is ready to sell Colorado and that’s me.” He offered to travel both nationally and internationally in order to promote the state and its appealing qualities. Beauprez also proposed a regulatory tax policy that is aimed at providing funding to small businesses, decreasing regulations to allow those businesses to start more easily and improve education opportunities.