Hit and run damages staff member’s vehicle 

On Nov. 27, a hit and run involving a UCCS staff member’s vehicle occurred in lot 224, leaving damage to their left rear quarter panel.  

According to UCCS chief of police Dewayne McCarver, the incident occurred between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. It is suspected that an unknown vehicle accidentally struck the staff member’s vehicle, a silver Honda Civic, while it was parked and then left without reporting the incident. 

“It happens often in all areas, and UCCS is no different. In almost every case, someone accidentally strikes another car and fears getting in trouble for some reason, so they just leave,” McCarver said.  

McCarver said the last time a hit and run occurred was Oct. 24.  

“If you accidentally strike another vehicle with your vehicle on campus, make sure that you contact the UCCS Police. It is a crime to leave the area without reporting it,” McCarver said. 

To try to prevent future hit and runs, parking lot security cameras will be installed during the spring semester, which McCarver said will hold those who commit the offenses accountable.  

Anyone with information regarding the incident or future incidents can contact UCCS dispatch at 719-255-3111.  

Photo from UCCS Police Instagram Page.