Hold onto summer at these three Colorado Springs breweries

Summer break is over, but summer certainly isn’t. Keep the season going with these three breweries that have an endless summer feel.

Lost Friend Brewery

This is one of my favorite breweries. Lost Friends Brewery is close to campus, and it’s easy to get lost in while doing homework. I try to stop myself after two drinks to ensure I finish whatever I’m working on.

The women and veteran owned brewery prides itself on being dog friendly. There are books on the wall and board games available for patrons to play.

They have a decent selection of beers including slushie beers. You can order beers as small as four ounces. Twelve ounces is the largest you can drink inside, but you can order a 32-ounce Crowler to-go. I sometimes order the four ounces so I can try a couple of different brews, specifically their seasonals before they go.

If you want to try a seasonal beer, I recommend the Timber Tonic: a Pale Hale with a hint of strawberry.

As for beers they always have on tap, I recommend the Fearthainn. The Scottish beer is heavy and dark, but it goes down smooth. It’s refreshing with a whiskey aroma and malty taste.

Almost all their beers are over 6% ABV, so be careful what you order.

Cerberus Brewing Company

Cerberus Brewing Company is a place I’ve only been to during the summer. It hasn’t been on purpose, but a beer garden and outdoor patio hits differently during the winter, so it’s worth checking out during these warmer months.

Beer lovers will love Cerberus, but there’s also a full bar and full menu. There are vegan options, burgers, salads, desserts and a smoked brisket mac & cheese that I’ll have next time I go.

There are a decent number of beers at Cerberus. I recommend the Find Your Jeans Belgian Wit: a light, refreshing summer beer. Its ABV is 5.7%, making it easy to drink.

My favorite is the We Believe In Nothing Hefeweizen. The name is perfect, and the taste is rich and refreshing. It’s one of their lower alcoholic beers at 4.4%.

They also have an alcoholic tropical blue slushie right now — lime, kiwi, mango, grape, pineapple and coconut flavors. I recommend trying this now before it’s gone.


JAKS Brewery is the only one on this list with two locations: one in Falcon, Colorado, and the other in the Springs on Dublin Boulevard.

The Falcon location has outdoor seating, and there are events throughout the summer, fall and winter. Both locations focus on beer only and have the largest selection out of every brewery on this list. There are food trucks outside of each location in case you’re hungry.

My favorite is the Brown Eyed Girl, a traditional brown ale. It is sweet with chocolate notes, dark but smooth and malty. The ABV is also low at 4.9%. This is the type of beer that lets you read a book while drinking.

The Blonde Bombshell is the light response to the Brown Eyed Girl, described on the website as “perfect for the craft beer beginner.” It is a light Amber Ale with a bright copper color and as a low 4.5% ABV.

This beer reminds me of classic, popular beers like Blue Moon or Shock Top without being heavy on the wheat. It doesn’t fill you up.

For beer lovers at UCCS, there’s a lot to try in Colorado Springs, so start with one of these. Remember to drink responsibly. Prioritize school but have fun and give yourself a treat throughout the semester.

Photo courtesy of radhostel.com.