Housing and dining options available for students

May 9, 2016

Abbie Stillman
[email protected]

The number of freshmen living on campus has increased over the years, and the university continues to build new housing and amenities for more students.

The housing options available to incoming freshmen and upper classmen are Summit Village, the Village at Alpine Valley and the Alpine Village Apartments.

As of the spring semester, 728 students lived in Summit Village and 523 students lived in Alpine Village.

UCCS is working to complete construction on the last of the three new buildings, according to Giese. LaPlata and Cucharas are built, with San Juan near completion.

“In the apartments there are three types (of rooms), and in the traditional residence halls, (there are) 12 different types of room styles for students to choose from,” said Giese.

Freshmen under the age of 20 who have less than 30 credit hours are required to live in the residence halls, unless they are already residents of El Paso, Teller, Douglas and Pueblo counties, according to the Residence Life and Housing website.

“We have 87 percent of on-campus housing full for the upcoming fall,” said Giese.

The San Juan house will be six stories high and is expected to finish by August 1.

“They will have identical layout to the already existing housing, and it’s expected to be the largest building on campus for housing,” said Giese.

Giese said the apartments will still include free laundry, utilities and internet in addition to parking. Parking is included in the apartment fee for room and board costs.

Gender inclusive housing will be added to UCCS starting in the fall.

The Lodge dining hall will be renovated and complete by this summer, according to Giese.

“A full kitchen and server remodel with new equipment and finishes to include a new salad bar placement, pizza station and new dish return and dish washer and an allergen station,” Giese said.

Roaring Fork dinning hall also gives students a place eat with handmade pizza, a salad bar, cold cut meat, an ice cream bar and a cereal bar.

Roaring Fork also serves homemade donuts and serves them around the campus coffee shops, Sanatorium Grounds.

If students have any questions regarding housing, food or other facility matters, visit Residence Life and Housing website at uccs.edu/~residence/ and Dining and Hospitality at uccs.edu/~diningservices/.