Housing games create eventful dorm community

Sept. 4, 2012

April Wefler
[email protected]

Many students who first enter a college environment often realize they barely know anyone. There might be a couple of students from their high schools or from the same town, but usually there are a lot more strangers.

UCCS housing wants to change this. On Aug. 28, dorm residents gathered on the West Lawn for a friendly volleyball competition. The volleyball competition was part of the Housing Games that took place from Aug. 27-31.

The Housing Games included Mini Mount Trashmore, volleyball, Ultimate Frisbee, Dress Your RA, a week-long door-decorating contest and a floor-wide flag T-shirt decorating contest. The winners of the Games were announced on Friday and were able to choose their prize.

Kristyne Merritt, a senior Resident Assistant, mentioned that every RA in Summit Village is asked to put on a program or event for his or her residents in September, ranging from a “Study Smarter, Not Harder” session to a game of laser tag or flower bomb wars. The RA and residents choose an event best suited for their floor.

“These events were chosen to create healthy competition within housing and create a close-knit community within each floor or building in housing,” Merritt said.

Christina Perez, an RA majoring in mechanical engineering, explained that the Housing Games help people to know who they’re living with for the rest of the year.

“It’s nice for them to realize that this is like their second home. It’s not a place they just eat and sleep; it’s also where they socialize and can interact and can have fun,” Perez noted.

Perez mentioned that during her freshman year, she was shy and a commuter student, which did not really help her get involved. “I didn’t have an RA to talk to me or try to get me involved in stuff.”

Andrew Sinsheimer, a freshman majoring in mechanical engineering, participated in the volleyball competition.

“It helps me get to know the other students that are on my floor or in my building,” he said. Sinsheimer added that he used to play beach volleyball and that the competition on campus was the closest he could get to it.

“It’s the kind of thing people want to join in on – just getting everybody to join in some friendly competition,” said Sean Clegg, a freshman.

Melanie Diep, another freshman, agreed. “It sounds like fun. I just completed my homework and I was like, go meet people!” She added that she also wanted to improve her volleyball skills.

Dorm events will continue through September, and all dorm residents may attend.