How SGA has spent the Student Activity Fee

     With student government elections approaching, here are some of the critical bills proposed in the last semester by members of SGA. 

SB01: Formation of Ad Hoc BLM Committee 

     SGA formed a committee solidifying its support of the Black Lives Matter Movement. The committee’s purpose was to review suggestions from the previous semester’s campus-wide BLM Idea Retrieval responses and see if any ideas were actionable. The committee would then make recommendations on bills or resolutions for the senate. 

SB02: Funding for Students of Color Support Group 

     SGA allocated $3,200 from the Carryforward fund to the Wellness Center’s Students of Color Support Group. This would pay for ten students for 32 weeks. 

SB03: Student Government Outing 

     To help mend the strife between SGA members, the senate authorized $710 from the Carryforward fund to pay for food and rent out an escape room for members of SGA. 

SB04: Homecoming Bonfire Beverages 

     $600 was allocated to pay for hot chocolate catering for the 2021 Homecoming bonfire to encourage students to visit the SGA table. 

SB06: Purchase of Jackets for SGA 2.0 

     SGA authorized $2205.03 from the Carryforward fund to purchase custom jackets and hoodies for all SGA members. Initially, SB05 proposed $3040.20, but that bill failed 5-8. So the bill was revised and passed 8-6. 

SB09: Additional Funding for Elections 

     SGA authorized an additional $10,000 to fund the Spring 2021 elections. This money goes to the judicial branch, which already had a $5,000 budget, bringing the total amount for the elections to $15,000. However, the bill does not state how SGA will spend the money or why it is needed. 

SB10: BLM Mural 

     SGA authorized $1000 for a Black Lives Matter mural on campus. Aidan Clark said they are still in the process of completing this. 

SB11: BLM Speaker  

     SGA authorized $150 to fund catering for a BLM speaker with the hopes of attracting more students to the meeting. 

SB12: Pause for Paws 

     $300 was allocated to fund the Pause of Paws event, which “provide mental relief for UCCS students and faculty through trained therapy dogs the week before finals.” 

SB13: Reallocation of Carryforward for BAC Spring ‘22 

     SGA reallocated $55,000 from the carryforward fund to Budget Advisory Committee to supplement the Student Event Allocation, which funds student clubs. This would help pay for student clubs and organizations that had exhausted the allocated amount for the fall semester. 

SB14 and SB15: Improved Recognition 

     SGA allocated $25,752 from the Carryforward fund to supplement the $33,000 budgeted for their stipend. This money would bring the total amount SGA is paid from $33,000 to $59,520 over two semesters. The senate passed both bills 9-4. However, current SGA president Emily Gregory vetoed both bills.  

SB16: Decades Dance 

     SGA allocated $6742 from the Carryforward fund to pay for a DJ and decorations to host a dance with Student Life during Winter Welcome Week in January. 

SB17: FY21/22 Budget 

     This bill modified the budget for how the student fee will be utilized in the 2021/2022 year. 

SB18: 3D Printer 

     This bill requested $1238.31 for a 3D printer placed in Student life. This bill failed 5-9. 

SB19: Student Fees Inflationary Adjustment 

     This bill placed a measure on the upcoming ballot where students can vote on allowing the Student Activity Fee to rise with inflation. The current SAF cannot sustain the present amenities it provides due to inflation. 

SGA President Emily Gregory speaking at the senate meeting on Feb. 24. Photo by Meghan Germain.