How to get the best out of your graduation announcements

April 4, 2016

Alexander Nedd
[email protected]

If you’re a senior about to graduate, allow me to offer my sincere condolences to your sleep schedule and eating habits.

For seniors, it’s easy to let graduation slip your mind between scheduling senior exit exams, attending classes and applying for jobs. But if you haven’t begun the process of preparing for graduation, you’re already in the danger zone of missing out.

Allowing yourself time to pick and choose your graduation announcements seems like a privilege in an ideal place and time. But don’t fret; there are simple tips that can get you on track to give yourself the acknowledgement you deserve upon leaving in May.

First, students can always make their own announcements. This is the cheapest option and you can be creative. Also, the copy center offers inexpensive ways to send out your invitations, with color copies starting at 25 cents on regular 8.5×11 paper.

But there is a certain satisfaction in getting announcements professionally done.

The first way to do this is through Jostens. Their website offers features and different packages ranging from $90 to $200. A basic package will include 25 announcements, envelopes and return labels. Other packages include certificates and a higher number of cards to hand out.

If Jostens isn’t your style, there are other options that offer better bang for your buck.

One website that offers a great deal of variety and more customizable options is Signature Announcements. The website offers three different package options that also include different styles to choose from.

Compared to Jostens, the website offers more details with your graduation, and even additions such as an official seal. The price range for announcements is anywhere from $69 for 25 announcements to $90 with additions.

What you save in money might not save you in time, though. The average shipping period is 14 business days without a rush delivery. A rush delivery will cost an extra $30.

If you do choose to order online, be aware of clickbait. Many websites have additional offers that seem perfect in the moment, but these additional offers aren’t always what they seem to be.

Be wary of the costliness of these extra additions. Think carefully about a custom frame for your diploma or another tassel that is already included when you purchase your cap and gown.

It also doesn’t hurt to have someone by your side while you pick out your announcements. While it’s ultimately your decision, a second opinion and set of eyes allows for fewer mistakes and another perspective on what to choose.

While each company website offers pros and cons, there are universal standards that should be remembered. Allow yourself plenty of time for shipping and handling or extra money for a rush delivery. Even ordering in store will require time to process your order.

If you placed an order this week, the earliest time it might arrive would be April 18. Keep in mind you also have to mail those invites out once they arrive. A rush order is highly recommended.

Don’t forget graduation. It’s a special time and an event that cannot be made up.