Increase in freshmen leads to increase in campus participation

Sept. 7, 2015

DeKeveion Glaspie
[email protected]

In recent years, the increase of students hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Carol Kumm, director of Orientation and New Student Outreach, has experienced and seen the growth in freshmen and how it has affected the university.

Unlike colleges such as CU-Boulder, who have a maximum capacity of students they can accept, UCCS does not.

“We do not have a cap because we can still take more students and we have not reached our capacity,” Kumm said. “There is still availability on Fridays and on the weekend. Since classes have not yet started for Weekend University there are still students enrolling. UCCS is a growing campus and will continue to grow in the future.”

With more freshmen events, more freshmen are engaged than previous years. Disorientation Week has increased in scale with more students attending the events designated for those who live on campus.

Morgan Green, a senior communication major, is a resident assistant. She explained how the increase of freshmen has affected Alpine, now called Alpine Valley, in a positive way.

“La Plata and Cucharas (the new two freshmen dorms) have made it easier in terms of programs and events because now that there are more residents living on this side of campus it’s easier to plan events,” she said.

“This year we are planning more events on the Alpine field and have discussed doing events on the lawn between Antero and Shavano.”

An increase in students, particularly freshmen, will result in more opportunities for not only the freshmen, but for those who live on campus.

Exact enrollment numbers for fall 2015 will be available after census date.