Indoor athletic facility will provide space for sports

September 05, 2016

Bradley Umpleby

[email protected]

     The weather can affect an athlete’s daily life, especially when they attempt to out run their fastest time, only to slip and slide from the pour of rain.

     Facilities Services is currently in the process of designing a new indoor athletic facility between Lot 580 and the Heller Center that athletic teams will use during inclement weather.

     The facility will host track meets, other sporting events and the use of all new and existing athletic teams.

     The design process will begin in October and is expected to be finish by May 1 of next year, according to project manager Charles Cummings.

     Facilities Services released a Request for Qualification issuing a shortlist of two contractors and a designer as one unit, which makes this plan more cost and time efficient.

     The project is expected to finish on Jan. 31 of 2018.

     “We’re going to straighten out the entry from north Nevada, and improve the road from the edge of lot 580 over to the facility. So there will be a parking lot and facility,” said Cummings.

     The estimated price for both the parking lot, road repair and facility is $7 million.

     The indoor athletic facility will have a fl at, 200-meter track field around the stadium accompanied by synthetic turf and sports net that drops down inside of the track.

     This will allow other athletic teams to practice while the track team is running.

     Bleachers, two long-jump runways and one pole vault have been included in the facility’s design so far, according to Cummings.

     The Facility Service department has not fully determined what type of materials the facility will have, but they are deciding from three different options.

     “We’re trying to come up with an economic way to build it. We are deciding from a metal building construction, an air supported structure or an insulated roof with a big metal frame,” said Cummings.

     The project will be a design/ build method of delivery, meaning that the designer and builder will work together as one unit, according to Carolyn Fox, executive director of planning, design and construction.

     “This is a great process because it’s easier for the contractor and designer to engage with one another, so things get done in a timelier manner,” said Fox.

     “There’s a lot of public interest for the facility and baseball diamond. People already have come forward volunteering to donate money and contribute to the facility,” said Cummings.

     Certain construction companies are willing to contribute to constructing specifi c areas of the facility, according to Cummings.

     “Usually we get contributions from certain donors, but, in this case, we have certain construction company owners who love an aspect about UCCS and are willing to build parts of the facility,” said Cummings.

     “I think this facility will be amazing. It’s an opportunity to help provide our student athletes a convenient place to practice, when inclement weather is occurring.”