Inspired by Waldo Canyon Fire, student releases fourth album

March 30, 2015

Alexander Nedd
[email protected]

Nooh Alrashid | The Scribe
Junior history major Timmy Vilgiate released his fourth album to fans and students on March 15. Two years in the making, “Little Canyons” features 16 songs written by Vilgiate.

“I live in Woodland Park,” Vilgiate said. “Most of the songs were inspired by the Waldo Canyon Fire and everything that happened during the summer.”

Vilgiate explained the album was an emotional response to the community members who lost their lives in the summer of 2012, including four local boys who died in a car accident.

Vilgiate released his first album in 2012.

“I was writing poetry,” he said. “We always had people come into our house and perform house concerts and had people play at our church.”

The experience inspired him to learn his first instrument, the mandolin. He started at 15 and has been making music ever since.

Vilgiate uses the application MultiTrack DAW to produce the songs.

“You record it into the iPhone microphone,” he said as he demonstrated sound files that can be recorded, edited and saved together on the app.

Vilgiate offered advice for other aspiring artists on campus.

“For producing an album, if you are going to be recording learn how to use compressors and EU’s before you add any other affects. That’s something that is really important.”

Outside of music, Vilgiate pursues another passion, history.

“I really love history and studying history,” he said. “I really want to try graduate school. I would like to work in either a museum or teach. I’m also interested in doing things overseas, anywhere I could go in Africa or Brazil would be cool.”

Vilgiate also hosts a radio broadcast, “Red Headed Zombie Show” on UCCS Radio every Wednesday at 7 p.m. The show follows local arts and music.

“Little Canyons” can be downloaded for $8 online at or can be delivered by Vilgiate himself if you contact him.

He encourages you to look him up on Facebook. Vilgiate and others in his group will be performing at The Perk Downtown on April 10. The show starts at 7:30 p.m. and is free.