Intramural sports offerings change and participation expands

Sept. 22, 2014

Audrey Jensen
[email protected]

Canoe battleship, anyone?

Intramural opportunities have expanded with the construction of Alpine Field. Sports such as flag football, outdoor soccer and rugby are held on the field.

“[Alpine Field] is lined for rugby,” Mallory Price, club sports and intramural coordinator, said. “This is unique to UCCS.”

Fall intramural sports that are currently active include outdoor soccer and flag football. There are a total of five intramural leagues, including basketball, volleyball and floor hockey in addition to soccer and flag football.

Sam Schultz, senior quarterback for flag football team Flying Eagles, has played competitively every semester since his sophomore year.

“This is how I met most of my friends, is through the people I met through IM sports,” Schultz said. Intramural teams are divided into recreation and competitive teams.

“You can sign up with nine people on a team for either competitive or recreational teams,” Schultz said. “You can make the team on IM leagues to be opened or closed to other players.”

The number of teams for flag football has increased since Schultz’ sophomore year. Schultz said his first year there were eight teams and now there are 15.

“Flag football and soccer definitely filled up and have more teams,” Price said. “[Part of this] is due to the increased enrollment and Alpine Field.”

In spring 2014, the winning flag football team was able to compete against University of Nebraska in regionals. Price was able to put together a bus for the nine players and travel out of state.

Intramurals also holds one day events and tournaments for any students that want to show up.

“We just added canoe battleship,” Price said. “We also hold 12 fall tournaments of one-day events.”

Canoe battleship will take place in the Rec Center pool on Dec. 9. Student teams of four will compete by placing canoes in the pool and trying to drown the other team’s canoe.

The intramural swim meet on Oct. 28 will be open to students, staff and anyone that wants to participate.

“Anyone can play,” Price said, “That’s the part of the fun of it. We want anyone with their friends to play.”

Schultz sees value in intramural sports when it comes to student life.

“I think [playing intramural sports] is a really good opportunity to get invited and meet friends and people,” said Schultz. “There are so many sports and it’s a great [opportunity] for your athletic side.”

Students’ sign up for intramurals through, make an account and can either create a team or sign on as a free agent.