JTAs are there to help: take advantage of our campus knowledge

August 29, 2016

Rachel Librach

[email protected]


     Your GPS class was created by the UCCS faculty to help integrate students into campus life.

     These classes are typically more relaxed than your other classes, the theme can be applied to your life and it focuses on improving your personal health and goal setting.

     But the most important aspect of your GPS class is that it provides you with knowledgeable students to calm all your fears. As a JTA, I am here to offer you advice, guide you through the course and listen to you.

     Never be afraid to approach your JTA and voice your concerns; more often than not, your JTA will be able

to empathize with you.

     Your JTA will also be able to suggest different resources.

Excel Centers

     For those who felt your high school academics were a breeze and are anticipating more challenging college classes, the Excel Centers will be a tremendous help.

     The excel centers include the Communication Center, the Science Center, Math Center, Languages & Social Sciences Center and the Writing Center. The Excel Centers are open throughout the week, including weekends. Hours can be found on the UCCS website and appointments/walk-ins can be made online or in person.

Academic and Career Advising

     Let’s say you aren’t sure what you want to major in.

     The Career Center and the Academic Advising Office will help you find what you are passionate about and what steps to take toward a successful college career.

Recreation and Wellness Center

     If you ever feel panicked, stressed or need to talk to someone about any aspect of your life, whether

it’s falling behind in a class or dealing with personal trauma, the Rec Center is

there to help.

     The Rec Center provides students with resources that can help with nutrition, fitness and mental health.

     This center is staffed with professional coaches and doctors who are happy to sit down with you and talk about your concerns and look for solutions.

Involvement on Campus

     One of the most important pieces of advice your JTA can give you is to get involved on campus. I know UCCS is a different university in the sense that many of its students are commuters, and because of that, those students may find it more difficult to get involved in activities outside of their classes.

     But don’t despair; UCCS offers a wide range of clubs and events that you can choose to make work around your schedule. Clubs and organizations can be found on the Mountain Lion Connect website.

     By taking time and making the effort to join a club or a sport or attend a rally or two, you will get much more out of your college experience. I guarantee you will thank yourself later.

     UCCS is a growing campus with supporting and proactive students and faculty, but you have to make the choice to reach out and get help.

     Talk to your JTA, attend a study session and show up for class. Don’t let these opportunities and resources pass you by, take control over your life and have a blast this year!

     I want you to walk away knowing is this: you are not alone.