Letter from the editor

April 10, 2018


   At The Scribe, we like to say that every good story starts with you.

  This year, you helped us write a new story.

   On April 6, the CU Board of Regents voted to officially approve and implement the Media Fee.

   This fee, the purpose of which will be used to independently fund student-run media organizations outside of the Student Activity Fee, will be implemented as part of a student’s semesterly fees starting fall 2018. Through the media fee, every student will be charged $0.53 a credit hour for the spring, fall and summer semesters.

    On behalf of our staffs at The Scribe and UCCS Radio, I want to thank you for your support in the effort to implement this funding.

    The Media Fee will allow The Scribe, UCCS Radio and future student media organizations to flourish and better achieve our purpose on campus: to inform, to entertain and to serve you.

    We promise to use each and every dollar to reach you in a more effective way.

    With an independent funding mechanism to support our organizations, we plan to increase our staffs in order to cover more of what you care about at UCCS, enhance our marketing and advertising so you know where to find us, and revamp our products to represent our campus in the most creative and professional ways.

     In addition, we hope that other clubs and organizations no longer feel the strain of a limited Student Activity Fee to fund their important functions on campus.

    We sincerely thank you for your support throughout our campaign.

    We thank you for picking up our newspaper, engaging with our articles online, listening to the radio and reaching out with story ideas, questions and ways to improve.

    With the Media Fee, we’re excited to continue writing our story, with you, in the coming months.



Hannah Harvey

Editor-in-Chief of The Scribe