Letter to the editor: Thanks for “Going There”

February 28, 2017

To Whom it May Concern,

The article “Cuts to the NEA will harm arts culture, steal jobs from students,” published on Feb. 21, presents perspective on an issue lacking the media it deserves. While news hubs (on all levels of the political spectrum) are quick to report “hot button” issues they know will hook an audience (global issues, policy changes, “fake news”…), these outlets neglect to cover stories that will have a lasting effect on readers. The article your paper published was the first I had heard on this subject, and even after a quick Google search, the top hits were not from trusted publications: bigger newspaper fail to give adequate attention to these types of stories.

As a student in the College of LAS, the stress of finding a job after graduation and being taken seriously as a liberal arts major is a stress I strongly resonate with. I appreciate that the Scribe does not shy away from such controversial topics, but rather opens a conversation for students to partake in (identifying and discussing issues, after all, is the first step in seeing tangible resolution).

I would enjoy seeing more discussion of action steps in future pieces (i.e. “This is what students can do in response to said issue”). However, I eagerly look forward to seeing more articles of this caliber—articles that aren’t afraid to stray from the worn path of topics typically covered in a school paper.

Thank you for allowing your writers to explore controversial topics, state their opinions respectfully, and open the dialogue for students to begin discussing said topics. They are refreshing to read, and I greatly appreciate this angle.


Micah Radakovich