Letter to the Editor

Nov.3, 2014

In response to “Shuttles not up to par, changes necessary” in the Oct. 20 issue, please consider these things when it comes to bus driver’s restroom breaks:

The issue of restroom breaks is not unique to UCCS drivers. It has only been in the last year or so that Waste Management drivers were allowed these types of breaks. Until the breaks were scheduled, some urinated into cans and bottles on the road, as reported in the television show “Undercover Boss.”

To have a second driver on board to cover for a three to eight minute restroom break (as reported by UCCS drivers I recently surveyed) would be a financial and labor waste, most likely resulting in a reduction of at least one bus from the current bus team.

Funds would need to be rerouted from operating costs of a bus to pay for the idle drivers. So, the inconvenience of restroom break time would be extended, possibly doubled, into bus stop wait time.

I surveyed UCCS drivers this past week. The drivers already take fewer breaks than entitled to them by Colorado state labor laws, which is a 10 minute break every four hours. The issue here is not about students being late, but unexpressed time management on the part of the students.

Public transportation is what it is. Plan for it.

Personally, I am pleased not to walk up the hill every day, as I have done on other university campuses. It is my opinion to request understanding of the human condition that must, sometimes, trump our schedules.

Kristine Barnes