Mid-April crime: incidents, reports of theft, drugs on campus

April 25, 2017

Kyle Guthrie

[email protected]

Incidents on campus

     The UCCS Police Department received 28 calls on April 20, and two of these calls resulted in cases:

Hit and Run

Where: Lot 224

     A UCCS officer responded to a traffic accident in Lot 224 involving a hit and run. A vehicle was struck by another vehicle, leaving behind no trace evidence or indicators of what struck the car. Due to a lack of evidence sufficient for an investigation, the case was considered closed.

Vehicle Accident

Where: 4700 Block of Stanton

     UCCS Officers were dispatched to assist in an accident-related injury near the 4700 block of Stanton. A young male was riding his bike when he went over the handlebars and landed facefirst onto the ground, causing several facial injuries and breaking several teeth.

     The rider was transported to Penrose-St. Francis Hospital for medical assistance following the accident.

     To report an incident on campus, call Public Safety at 255-3111, or make an anonymous report at safe2tell. org.

Other on-campus drug reports and thefts in April, compiled April 20:

Keystone House: Drug violation – April 4

Crestone House: Liquor violation – April 4

La Plata House: Liquor violation – April 9

Alpine Garage and Field: Theft – April 14

Cucharas House: Liquor violation – April 15, closed by arrest

Steamboat House: Suspicious odor – April 15, closed by arrest Parki