New portal option, pronoun selection

28 August 2018

Cambrea Hall

[email protected]

Pronouns are how you refer to a person when not directly using their name. Pronouns serve as a linguistic tool, but are also used to express one’s identity. Since “he” and “she” are strongly connected to gender expression, UCCS’ student online portal has respectively added an option for students to select identifying pronouns.

    Effective now in the fall of 2018 semester, the portal enhancement will be available to all students. Students’ pronoun selections will be visible to authorized faculty and staff on advisee, class and grade rosters.

    Often, people make assumptions of a person’s gender on appearances or name basis. These assumptions are not always accurate, and can potentially have a negative implication: that a person’s gender identity must reflect appearance expectations. But using someone’s correct personal pronoun is a means to respect others and promote a safe and positive environment.

    UCCS prioritizes diversity and inclusivity and celebrates the uniqueness of the individual. Providing students the choice to choose their pronoun aids students in fulfilling their need to feel safe, validated and respected.


To update a preferred pronoun, students must:

    Log in to the myUCCS Portal, select Access Student Self Services from the Records and Registration drop down.

    Within the Student Center click on the ‘Profile’ tile, then select ‘Pronoun’ from the list of options and add, edit or remove.

    Pronouns are not included in directory information, so if a third-party contacts UCCS and requests a student’s pronoun, the school won’t release that information unless consent has been given by the student.

    Students are not required to report their gender identity, but they are encouraged to seek guidance or support and may find campus resources through the LGBT Resource Center.

    For more information about pronoun usage visit