New York trip: the academic review

Last week, several of my colleagues had the opportunity to visit the Big Apple for a journalism conference. While they were off sharpening their truth-telling skills by sitting through lectures, I was putting on ears and a tail to play a semi-human imaginary cat with an identity crisis. You tell me who had more fun.  

The New Yorkers have graciously agreed to let me take a look at their pictures of the trip and review them based on how jealous they make me or how interesting they look. Not everyone who went was a photographer, so brace yourself.  

I don’t believe anyone sent me pictures of the actual conference. They may not have even gone.  

  1. Look at these truants skipping the conference to go get food. I don’t know who the guy in the bottom right corner is. 3/10.  
  1. According to my understanding, this is the only way you can see the sky since the buildings are so tall. 6/10.  
  1. Move out of the way, Olivia. I can see you whenever, I want to see the city. 5/10.  
  1. The promised land. 10/10.  
  1. Lily is a photographer, so I don’t know what happened here. 2/10.  
  1. You would see Sutton Foster, my MOM, without me? -7,000/10. Unbelievable.  
  1. Not even remotely on task. 0/10.