Notable Alumni | Becky Medved: Alumna utilized UCCS to increase business potential

May 11, 2015
50 Year Issue

Rachel Librach
[email protected]

Becky Medved is an accomplished businesswoman who is responsible for several of her own startup companies and is involved in nonprofit organizations such as the Myron Stratton Home and the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum.

Medved and her husband, Jon, received the 2015 UCCS Business Lifetime Entrepreneurship Award on May 8 for their 30 years of working toward revolutionizing the business world and aiding non-profit organizations.

Becky Medved earned her undergraduate degree at the University of Colorado Boulder in 1974. She came to UCCS to complete here MBA in 1987.

She explained her early interest in business and what drew her to UCCS.

“I wanted to have more business knowledge and background if I was to succeed in the workplace,” Medved said. “The company I worked for supported people who wanted to go back to school and advance their education, so I thought what a great opportunity it was to go back and earn my MBA.”

Medved appreciated the classes UCCS offered since she had to take classes at night to attain her degree.

“UCCS was catering to needs of community, and that was an important aspect for me getting my degree.”

Taking what she learned and immediately applying it to her workplace and the connections she made are two things that Medved enjoyed as a student.

“The connections I made in school continue to today in terms of being valuable to my life and my career. Through those connections I found my two business partners simply as a result of being involved at UCCS.”

It was important to Medved to stay connected and involved with the school as much as possible. She was a part of the fundraising effort for the remodel of Dwire.

In order to form a successful business, Medved knows that it’s not always important to have everyone’s approval.

“You have to be transparent and open with what you want to do. Respect for others plays a huge role as well. I think my management style is open and collaborative in decision making, but ultimately, I do make the final decision.”