Notable alumni | Eli Bremer: Olympic modern pentathlete, successful entrepreneur

May 11, 2015
50 Year Issue

Rachel Librach
[email protected]

Eli Bremer, a United States Air Force Academy graduate, went on to earn his MBA at UCCS in 2004. Originally, Bremer worked for the Air Force for eight years in contract management and helped develop a satellite and communications system.

When the military started to downsize, he decided to make the transition to private business. His wife was already going back to school for her MBA and convinced Bremer that it would be wise for him to do the same.

“I really didn’t know what to expect going into it, but once I got into the programs at UCCS I truly enjoyed the real world experience I was gaining,” he said. “I learned a lot and it gave me the business foundation I needed to pursue my career.”

Bremer competed as a modern pentathlete in the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. A modern pentathlon features events in fencing, 200-meter freestyle swimming, show jumping, pistol shooting and a 3,200-meter cross country run.

In 2008, he was also one of the regional finalists for the White House Fellows Program.

“I enjoy being involved with my work and over the years I have become really good at time management,” he said. “I find that the more work I have to occupy my time, the more productive and efficient I can be.”

Bremer took night classes to complete his MBA while training for the Olympics.

“I found that my classes provided a mental escape from the stress and rigorous training,” he said.

Bremer is a large part of Socon Health, a software company, and is in the process of buying out another business in hopes of settling its financial debts and creating a stronger management system.

“I see much potential in this company’s product and I want to help it grow twoto- five fold in the next two years,” Bremer said.