Note on Scribe Updates

Sept. 9, 2013

Those new and continuing in their studies at UCCS will recognize several changes at The Scribe for the coming year. As mentioned in the freshmen orientation issue printed at the end of the spring semester, the newspaper is developing on several fronts.

The paper’s new design, addition of the Science & Business section, incorporation of more community-focused stories, video and greater social media activity highlight a few of the exciting developments readers can expect this year.

Our first issue was largely a success. Several times throughout the first week of publication a student or staff member would alert those in the office that a distribution box had been completely emptied. While the staff holds a few extra copies in the office, nearly all had been used to keep news in boxes.

As the campus continues to grow in terms of enrollment and its presence on Austin Bluffs Parkway and North Nevada Avenue, The Scribe will continue to position itself to keep in line with that growth. As a colleague in the industry locally told me recently, a growing campus needs a growing student newspaper.

Thank you for your readership and continued involvement in the broader discussions surrounding campus news and events. We appreciate your feedback and insight in further advances at the paper.


Jesse Byrnes