OIT implements new updates to improve students’ security 

UCCS’ Office of Information Technology (OIT) has recently implemented new system updates to improve security, including Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and Oracle Identity Management (OIM). 

According to an email sent out by OIT, UCCS’ VPN will require MFA starting March 27, and additional services will require it soon after that.  

“MFA is when a computer system requires more than one way to verify you are the owner of the account,” Dan Lemack, assistant director of OIT Services, wrote via email. 

Most systems verify a person’s identity with a password, but MFA requires an additional method of verification to increase security. Lemack said the most common way this is done is through a verification code sent via text message.  

“People like to use the same password for multiple systems … I know plenty of people who use the same password for Netflix as they do for online banking … Having a system take one more step to verify you own the account keeps it more secure,” Lemack said.  

Lemack said that students’ IT experiences won’t change much with the implementation of this new system. “The biggest thing you’ll notice is the use of MFA when utilizing services like VPN — you’ll have to take that extra step to ensure you, and not an unauthorized individual, is the one connecting to the UCCS network from offsite,” he said. 

The other system recently implemented by OIT is Oracle Identity Management (OIM). “Identity Management is the process that ensures the right people have the right access to the right systems at the right time,” Lemack said. 

He explained that OIM prevents certain systems, such as the one used by the dining halls to charge students for food, from having access to other systems, such as the one that charges students for their tuition. OIM will help protect student data and information. 

Other than these two updates, OIT doesn’t plan on making many big changes, but Lemack said that OIT changes based on the needs of the university.  “OIT is constantly adapting to the needs of campus and prioritizes open and honest communication with all stakeholders — especially students,” Lemack said.  

Lemack recommended that students check their emails regularly to stay up to date on any changes OIT makes to their services. He also urged students to reach out with any questions they have regarding the updates or any other technology-related concerns they may have.  

Students, staff and faculty can visit https://oit.uccs.edu/get-help to get help with any IT related issues. They can stop by the service desk, located on the first floor of the El Pomar Center, or contact the service desk by emailing [email protected] or calling 719-255-4357.