OIT survey seeks to better understand collaboration on campus

April 24, 2018

Hannah Harvey

[email protected]

The Office of Information technology wants the feedback of students, faculty and staff regarding how they collaborate across campus.

    OIT will send out a survey to those interested in providing their feedback until May 12. According to Kevin Wolf, IT program manager, the survey aims to find out how people want to instant message, conduct telephone and web conferences, store and share data.

    Around 50 – 60 people have been interviewed for the survey so far. However, Wolf aims to interview around 200 by the end of the semester.

   As far as storing data is concerned, many people on campus opt to use Dropbox, according to Wolf. For messaging, apps like Slack are preferred. There is no data on how much these programs are used on a daily or weekly basis, but Wolf estimated that Microsoft programs see tens of thousands of logins weekly.

    From the survey, Wolf and OIT aim to look at ways to implement new technologies on campus if students, faculty and staff have a preference for adding these. Limited to no training exists on how to use certain programs and apps on campus aside from email, said Wolf.

    The results of the survey will help OIT with educational purposes in regards to collaboration programs.

    “The only way we can meet needs is by understanding what requirements are,” said Wolf.

    To take the survey, visit tinyurl.com/y9wu35mu.