OPINION: The countdown for Christmas begins too early

Lexi Petri  

[email protected]  

     Halloween is in October. Thanksgiving is in November. Christmas is in December. At the start of December, there are 25 days to count down until Christmas. So, why were Christmas decorations taking over all the displays in October, before Halloween was even over?  

     With three holidays happening within a three-month span, we should be focusing on each holiday until it is over. After Halloween, we can start making plans for Thanksgiving; after Thanksgiving, we can start thinking about Christmas and setting up trees and decorating.  

     Before Halloween, stores were clearing the shelves designated for fall/Halloween decorations and replacing them with Christmas decorations. Fall is not over yet, and some people might still want to get fall décor. 

     Coffee shops like Starbucks have brought back their holiday cups. Why can’t they design fall cups and then bring their Christmas holiday cups back when it’s time for Christmas? Is that too much to ask?  

    Hallmark debuted their “Countdown to Christmas 2021” on October 22. Nine days before Halloween. This is too early to start thinking about Christmas. The countdown should either begin the day after Thanksgiving or the first day of December.  

     Then there are the people who keep their lights up year-round and never stop celebrating Christmas. Hallmark’s “Christmas in July” was designed for those people, and unfortunately my family is one that binge watches this segment. Excluding me, of course; I would never participate in that.  

     It’s great when networks decide to partake in the “Countdown to Christmas,” but it’s even better when they begin those segments on Dec. 1. Freeform is a network that debuts their “25 Days of Christmas” starting Dec. 1. That is enough time for people to watch their favorite movies and get in the Christmas spirit.  

     Black Friday is slowly changing, too. It seems each year it begins a day earlier than it did the year before. Everyone is concerned with getting gifts that even on Thanksgiving, a day to be with your friends and family and be thankful for what you have, people are lining up at stores’ doors, waiting to take advantage of all the good sales. Why take time away from your family to go shopping? There will be plenty of time to shop and make Christmas plans the day after Thanksgiving.  

     If you start celebrating Christmas too early, by the time December and eventually the week of Christmas comes around, there isn’t as much excitement.  

     After Thanksgiving, there are 30 days until Christmas. This is a perfect amount of time to get in the holiday spirit, buy gifts, listen to your favorite holiday playlists and watch all your favorite movies (even if it’s from Hallmark and you rewatch the same storyline repeatedly).  

     We should just focus on the current holidays and not start the trend of celebrating in this order: Halloween, Christmas, the one day of Thanksgiving and back to Christmas. Christmas is my favorite holiday, but that doesn’t mean I am going to start celebrating in October or even early November.  

     Thirty days after Thanksgiving is plenty of time to get ready for Christmas and celebrate. There is no need to start sooner.  

Stock photo courtesy of Unsplash.com