OPINION: UCCS needs tire swings

Megan Moen 

[email protected] 

     When choosing a college, the biggest part of a prospective student’s decision is based on what the campus offers for students. UCCS is a beautiful campus, but what are some things that could make it even better? 

     From the swimming pool and hot tub at the Rec Center to a multitude of outdoor seating and bean bag chairs in Student Life, our campus offers a lot to the student body for leisure time between classes. Not to mention the amazing view of the mountains we get to see every day. However, I think campus has potential to be more inviting.  

     The campus feels somewhat empty; there is all of this space around buildings, but very rarely do I see people utilizing the majority of it.  

     Especially coming back from a year and a half of the campus being nearly completely online, it is more important than ever to make UCCS more inviting to bring students together. I think the best way that UCCS could unite its students and promote people coming to campus for fun is to offer us something that will bring joy to our lives. How exactly could this be accomplished, though?  

     When thinking about what would make campus more inviting to me, I couldn’t help but notice how empty the campus looked in areas where there were lots of trees. 

     For this reason, UCCS needs tire swings. Nothing brings a community together more than tire swings. This classic childhood playground accessory is timeless and would be a perfect addition to UCCS. I believe that bringing something like this to campus would liven up the beautiful area, and make it feel more like a college campus. 

     The Scribe staff answered a survey of what they would also like to see on campus that would motivate them to spend more time hanging out around in public.  

     One person wrote that more water features (water fountains, ponds, etc.) around campus would make it more welcoming, and would offer a great atmosphere for people to hang out and study around.  

     Another student mentioned more concerts on campus, and seeing musical students perform more in public on campus would be a great aspect to the community around UCCS.  

     A couple people want to see more places to get food around campus, specifically, for example, having food trucks on campus every Friday. Other responses were more simple, like better Wi-Fi for students, more places to sit with nicer and newer chairs, or even places around campus with puzzles or boardgames for students to play together. 

     There are improvements that can be made to campus, and numerous ideas that students have to make it better. The ideas for how to get students to connect and participate more don’t end with the suggestions listed above. The possibilities are endless, and there is always work to be done to make the UCCS community better, especially now that we are all learning how to interact again.  

     My hope is that we will never cease to see our campus evolve. Whether it be through a tire swing or a puzzle corner, I can’t wait to see how new ideas will shape the campus for students in the future. 

Stock photo courtesy of Unsplash.com